In order to ensure there is no delay in processing of your tax return you should avoid these common mistakes:

1. Claiming expenses that aren’t related to work – taxpayers must only claim deductions for expenses that are incurred in gaining or producing assessable income;

2. Claiming home to work travel – the only time home to work travel is an allowable deduction is if the taxpayer is required to transport bulky items for work and there is nowhere safe to store these at the workplace;

3. Double claiming expenses – If taxpayers are using the shortcut method (80 cents per hour) to claim home office expenses, a separate deduction cannot be claimed for other expenses related to working from home;

4. Claiming $300 worth of deductions even if you had no work related expenses – Taxpayers aren’t required to have receipts for deductions of up to $300 but they must be able to show that they spent the money and it’s connection to work;

5. Not updating bank details – it is up to the taxpayer to change bank details in their return if they wish to nominate a different account for the direct deposit of their refund.

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